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Wow - congratulations on the new baby! Have you tried making your photos smaller? I know when I see your site in my bloglines the photos are huge and it takes a while for them to show up when I look at your site.


Aw thanks Melanie! We are excited.
You know I figured out after I made that post that the pictures were monstrously huge. I have a new digital camera and the default setting is for huge photos. I have already reset it and when I get a chance I will resize the photos on this post. Thanks for the heads up! I need all the tips I can get to keep me blogging. 


My photo tip is this: edit them all to 72 dpi (a computer screen doesn't have higher resolution than that anyway) and make them about 6 x 4.5 in size. That's what I do anyway. :) I use photoshop but I'm sure they can be easily edited in iPhoto.

I give this advice so you keep blogging and posting photos. :)


Oooh thank you thank you Melanie!

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