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Wow, this is so terribly sad. I hadn't even heard about this :o(


then sadly, this happened just yesterday to supermodel Angela Lindvall's sister Audrey:
so terribly sad. watch the video clip if you can on the link.


I know, I heard all of this and can't stop thinking about it. I also found out that Keith Moon's ex=wife young model from the 60's era died in a car accident this week too. What gives?

Ricardo M. Sawyer

Qu'elle repose en paix.


RIP angel heather<3

Wayne E. Manzo

Murder by any other name
is still murder.
A limo breaking down on the
EWR exit of the NJ turnpike.
Yeah, right! And, on Saturday morning.
If she was even in the car she was snuffed!

How do I know? I'm the expert that is why I'm exiled from the United States and my web magazines
are all banned.

Welcome to evil America.
Mention the Feds-Klan and
end up under a bridge the
rest of your life eating
pidgeons and squirrels.


Wayne E. Manzo,
Celebrity Publisher and
Human Rights Leader


i heard about audrey too. its such a tragic waste of two young lives... :(

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The transformation is absolutely great!

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Oh gosh, this is such a wonderful thing to do -- it's so nice to include your little ones in this spirit of giving.
Good work mama :)


What a tragic accident. She's too young to pass away. My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. Surely she will be missed.

nicole sullivan

so sad, so young i feel so bad...

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shoking... RIP

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