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Oh, thanks for the info. about next weeks show. I am excited to see how they all pull this off. I hope Angela doesn't blow this one!


I kinda wouldn't mind if she did...hehe...:)
I was also thinking that Kayne will do a bang-up job for Marilyn Monroe and his model is Amanda...she is like a redhaired MM already...these will be fun to see. I can't imagine Laura pulling off Cher...that seems like a clash of aesthetics...we know Cher loved her some Bob Mackie flash-n-dash overdone sparkly numbers (more Kayne or Angela's arena than minimalist). Will be a good episode I can tell.
Who are your faves Missy?


I know what you mean about Angela, but unfortunately she has immunity so I hope she doesn't disgrace poor Audrey! I love Kayne and Robert (but not Robert's design this week), I also like Michael and Alison. Vincent, Laura, and Bradley amuse me. Jeffrey seems nice but his style is a lot different then mine. Angela just annoys me!


I never saw anywhere where Angela was told she has immunity. I think people on boards are just assuming she does since they did that the last two rounds but I specifically remember Heidi telling the winners before they had immunity and watched this eppie 2x and didn't see where Heidi said that this time round.
I would love it if either Michael or Alison won at this point...they are both so strong and so low-key and nice aside from that.


Hmm..hadn't thought about that with Angela. I was just assuming because people had written she has immunity. I wouldn't mind seeing her pack her bags. Good catch! I would love if Michael or Allison would win too. They both seem down to earth.


well, let's hope she lacks immunity- haha!
I am inspired today to finally make a skincare and haircare recommendation post so look out for that Missy dearie:)


Woo hoo! I have been waiting for that post. You should do a nutrition one too!

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